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Dave Rogers

Rolfing & Structural Integration

About Rogers Rolfing

The Rolf Technique of Structural Integration includes connective tissue manipulation and movement education.


The goal is finding better body alignment, greater variety of actions available, appropriate ease in daily activities, and enhanced performance.


Dave Rogers is an advanced Rolfer, Holistic Health Practitioner and former professional athlete. He specializes in the Geberin Technique of Structural Integration and the Barral Method of Visceral, Neural and Manual Manipulation.


With over 20 years of study and practice of bodywork, movement education, meditation and coaching, he has developed the tools to support others to experience physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Book Your Rolfing Sessions

Single Session
$165 / 90 min.


a single Rolfing Session


3 Rolfing Sessions



10 Rolfing Sessions

"Dave's Rolfing work has really helped me to improve my athletic abilities..."
“After years of back pain and tightness I feel normal and pain free again...”

Hope B.

Sasha B.

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Jackson, WY 83001

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